Girarrosto Kit

Griglioso is proud to introduce the Girarrosto Kit ..
Girarrosto Kit is a useful option which combines the convenience of electrical power supply with all the taste of roasted meat on a spit. Made with the finest materials such as AISI 304 stainless steel, Girarrosto Kit offers the highest standards of durability and food safety. Perfect for obtaining the best results in the kitchen…

With Girarrosto Kit you’ll be able to refine the cooking of the skewer meat, usually chicken or cockerel, but also quails, pork, rabbit, lamb roasts, etc. It’s composed of an extender ring which is applied to your Griglioso, a support to leave on the bottom of the pot, a skewer to stick the meat, 2 forks to lock it and a mechanical device that allows continuous rotation. The perfect symbiosis of your Griglioso baking system combined with Girarrosto Kit will satisfy your chef’s palate.

The meat, before being cooked, needs to be flavored with salt and herbs (same with the roast). When roasting on spit, oil is not necessary as the fat that is released from the skin of the chicken or the meat is collected during cooking at the bottom of Griglioso and removed easily, or better used to cook roast potatoes.

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